Acceptance and Understanding

Gulliver is very excited to meet their new classmate- another dog! Their new friend is great … and a bit different. Gulliver learns that accepting someone who is different might earn you a great friend.


Emmet notices when Poppy draws her family she now has two moms. Poppy’s dad is transgender. Poppy explains that her father’s heart and brain didn’t match how they looked on the outside. Everyone has something that makes them different. That’s what makes life so interesting.


Gulliver and Emmet meet a friend from class and her family at the library. Abby has two Dads, and Emmet has lots of questions. He learns families come in all shapes and sizes – always have, always will.

How to be an Ally

It is never too late or too early to start to learn about being an Ally. It starts with listening and learning, speaking up and being supportive.


Names and pronouns are the two ways people refer to others. They are personal and important. They are also key part of our identity. Calling someone by the wrong name by using incorrect pronouns can feel disrespectful.

Start the Discussion

The goal of Pride understanding is to create  communication tools to increase Gender Diversity Literacy. We believe in the art of storytelling to start a conversation.

 Working with community partners, the stories have been developed to increase awareness, understanding and decrease stigma; giving families, schools and caregivers the tools to create a safe environment to ask questions and start a discussion.